Welcome to the Great Stars International School. I hope as you read through our website you will gain a sense of the Great Stars International School family, made up of our diverse student, faculty, and parent communities. Regardless of what nationality, or cultural background one comes from, our goal is to provide an educational experience that meets the academic, social, physical and emotional needs of every student. This goal provides our focus as we develop our curriculum, plan our instruction, and develop our co-curricular activities.

Great Stars International School provides students with a comprehensive university preparatory education utilising best practices in education. Our school is a partnership of excellent staff, committed parents, and dedicated students. Our students are challenged to reach their maximum potential through academic growth, becoming socially responsible and active global citizens. The International Baccalaureate programme gives our students a programme of study recognized around the world for its excellence.

This focus on our programme is critical as we meet the needs of our students, but it alone is not what makes Great Stars International School such a unique place to live and learn. At Great Stars International School I believe it is the close relationships between students, faculty, and parents that makes us unique from other schools. The size of our school and the size of our classes allow students and teachers to form close relationships where it is possible for every student to be known and nurtured. In addition, we are able to have close ties with our parent community so that parents, teachers, and students are all closely involved in the education of each child.

Our website provides information on many facets of our School, which we hope will help you to understand the qualities and characteristics of our school. I look forward to the day you can visit us and we can meet in person.

Jeffs North
Head of School