Great Stars International School has in excess of 100 student-use desktops, laptops and tablet devices on campus. The three main IT computer labs can accommodate a full class of up to 23 Students. There are two smaller group-based project labs. Each lab is well equipped with access to printers, scanners, digital cameras,  3D printers and other specialist peripherals.
The majority of Great Stars International School’s computer facilities run one of two different platforms: Microsoft Windows based devices connected together on an Active Directory network, and Google Chrome based devices, (Chromebooks), connected by the Google G-Suite for Education platform.

There are ten mobile laptop trolleys and five iPad sets that are deployed as needed throughout the School. In addition, Grades 3 to 8, each have a dedicated trolley of 20 Chromebooks, allowing for an in-class 1:1 laptop program, supported by the Google G-Suite for Education domain . For more detailed information regarding Google G-Suite for Education, please see the following website…

All main classrooms are equipped with at least a networked computers for student use. Each classroom is fitted with a ceiling-mounted projector and built-in audio system. Many classrooms also have interactive whiteboards and visualisers (document cameras) installed.

The campus is covered by a site-wide wireless network. Our Wifi network is segregated into several sections, providing access for Guests, Students and Staff, with different levels of security / access / web-filtering as appropriate.
Parents of Great Stars International School Students may request a half term guest wireless access account from the British Academy IT Office during normal school working hours. (These account are limited to one account per family).

Visitors to Great Stars International School may obtain a short term, limited availability, guest wireless access account from Reception or the IT Office.

Within the Library there are public access computer terminals with Internet access.


Online Resources


PowerSchool is the school’s student information system. The parent/student portal gives parents and students access to attendance and academic progress information. All middle and high school students and their parents will receive access IDs and passwords. Please visit the PowerSchool page for more information.

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Great Stars International School 247

The school’s virtual learning environment, isa247, extends the classroom on to the Internet. All middle and high school students have individual accounts that enable them to access course content, resources, assignment/project information and a homework calendar for each of their classes. The Library, IB programme and various clubs and activities also have a web presence via isa247.



Powered by Google, Apps247 provides student email accounts, unlimited ‘cloud’ file storage and access to a variety of online applications (word processor, spreadsheet, web site design & hosting, presentation, blog). All middle and high school student receive an Apps247 account. Elementary grades 3 -5 receive restricted Apps247 accounts.



A cross-curricular, multimedia learning website that delivers instructional content using animation, graphics, audio, text and interactive quizzes. BrainPOP movies are created to answer real questions from teachers and children. Good for those snow days!

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