The preschool curriculum begins very firmly with each child at the centre. Its design is a modified version of the British National Curriculum, ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’ which, in itself, has been developed using internationally accepted standards for preschool education. Our unique version provides preschool professionals with broad guidelines regarding what children at the preschool stage should be experiencing, thus enabling each child, in conjunction with staff and parents, to follow their individual learning journey.

The preschool programme is holistic and integrated. This means that subject areas are not taught in isolation but developed through individual and group interests and topics. The focus for teaching and learning is on developing and practising skills. The content of topics will vary from year to year, based on children’s current interests, but the skills that we aim to develop will remain the same.

There are five main areas of our programme:

  1. Communication and Language – speaking, listening, reading & writing
  2. Making Sense of the World – maths, science, social studies & technology
  3. Creative Development – music, art, dance & drama
  4. Health and Physical Development – outdoor play, P.E. health & wellbeing
  5. Self and Social Development – confidence, self-esteem & relationships