The preschool consists of a large, open-plan classroom, including a story-telling pod, kitchen and bathroom. Within this space there is a cloak area where each child has a cubby to hang their coat, keep their shoes and store their lunch box. There is also a garden room, visible to and from the main classroom through glass walls, which opens out into an enclosed outdoor play area.

The outdoor play area includes a variety of surfaces and levels. The children can enjoy a decked area with tree stump table and stools, a paved area for bicycles, a grassy mound with slide, a pebbled area with a sand box and boat, a bark-chipped area with digging patch and mud kitchen and an additional bark-chipped area with balance logs and wicker den, all surrounded by trees, planted areas and grass.

Preschool has its own separate entrance, through the playground gate. There is no access, for parents, to or from the main school.

Preschool children have access to the school library, music room and gymnasium as well as the facilities of the foreign language and EAL departments, where appropriate.